Annalisa and Marina are two marvellous illustrators, passionate travellers and trekkers into the wild; they illustrated my book “Sentieri della Finlandia” and have conceived the animations on my website.


During summer 2007, I spent some time on the tiny island of Mykines in the Fær Øer archipelago. At breakfast, in the small guesthouse of the village, of only 12 people, the notes of a German harp musician drifted in the air, an ideal soundtrack in the wild and bucolic island environment. I enquired and learnt it was Thomas Loefke, who had been there several times to find inspiration for his melodies. I e-mailed him in order to have his CDs and since then there has been between us a nice exchange of musical and photographic works. Now Thomas has allowed me to use his music on my website as a soundtrack of my images.


Mario Pinoli, geologist, environmental auditor and telemarker, has been my companion on trekking trips and journeys on mountain bikes or skis, all over the world. Together, we participated in the expedition to the base of the K2, to clear up the camps of the Baltoro glacier in Pakistan.


Elio Rimoldi, my travel mate in the Greenland ice sheet, a renowned musher, breeder and trainer of dogs.


Roberto Mazzagatti, passionate and watchful wildlife observer, is a brilliant photographer of animals in the wilderness and an ideal, thoughtful travel mate. Crouching in the snow to take photos of wolves, coyotes, bison, we met in Yellowstone National Park in America; later we shared many more journeys to Finland and Iceland. I got to know Roberto through my photographer friend Marcello Libra, sadly no longer with us, with whom I’ve travelled several times in the Arctic and Antarctic lands, and who’s given me a great deal of photographic advice.

I would like to thank Alessandra Castrovinci, freelance graphic designer, who animated the drawings by Annalisa and Marina Durante on my website.

I would like to thank my dear old friend Barbara, translator, for having helped me translate the texts of my website into English.